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The Weekly Halachic Analysis


Summary of the Daily Halacha's

  1. One shouldn't answer Amen louder than the Bracha itself unless one is doing so in order to motivate others to answer Amen.[1]
  2. If one hears two Berachat, one should answer Amen VeAmen rather than Amen Amen.[2]
  3. Some say that one should answer Amen to a bracha one heard over the phone[3]
  4. When hearing the words Baruch Atta Hashem, one should answer "Baruch Hu UBaruch Shemo". The Chazzan should pause to give the congregation a chance to respond "Baruch Hu UBaruch Shemo".
  5. One should not say "Baruch Hu UBaruch Shemo" when one intends to fulfill an obligation by listen to someone else's bracha and when spoken interruptions are prohibited such as Pesukei DeZimrah and Birchot Kriyat Shema. [4]


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