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  1. In his quest to facilitate broader knowledge of a topic, the Chida admits that he may have quoted a source in Birkei Yosef that he does not agree with. Hence, one should not assume that any positions presented are representative of the Chida's own position unless he writes explicitly which one is accepted Halacha with a phrase such as "וכן עיקר."[1]
  2. Some claim that once the Chida's works reached Baghdad, his rulings were accepted on par with those of the Rambam and Shulchan Aruch,[2] while others argue that the term "Kabbalat Hora'aot" (acceptance of rulings) is reserved strictly for Shulchan Aruch, whose decision making was well endorsed and set of rulings is comprehensive. Rather, the Chida's unique breadth of knowledge and incredible depth should make a Posek think twice before disagreeing with him. One would certainly still say Safek Berachot leHakel and Kim Li against him.[3]

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