Brachot of Praise

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One of the three categories of brachot is birchot hashevach (trans. blessings of praise; Hebrew ברכת השבח). The other categories of brachot are Birchot Hamitzvah, brachot for performing mitzvot, and Birchot Hanehenin, brachot for pleasures such as food.[1]

General Rules of Brachot of Praise

  1. Brachot of praise that are associated with seeing or listening to some occurrence must be recited after seeing or listening to that event but it must be within a toch kedi dibbur (2-3 seconds) of that experience.[2] According to most rishonim this isn't the case of birchot hashachar which are praise for the phenomenon of the world and can be said much after they occur.[3]

Specific Birchot Hashevach


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