Baal HaIttur

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  1. Unfortunately, Sefer HaIttur is full of mistakes.[1]
  2. The Ittur always quotes the Rif.[2] He even wrote a sefer "Me'ah She'arim" on the Rif.[3]
  3. The Agur recommends following the Ri Baal HaTosafot over the Ittur.[4]
  4. The Ittur is also known as Sefer HaDibberot and Ittur Sofrim.[5]

References to other Rishonim

  1. "HaRav HaTzarfati" in the Ittur is a reference to Rashi.[6]
  2. "HaRav HaBavli" is the Rambam, and "HaRav Krovno" is the Raavad.[7]
  3. "HaMechaber" in the Ittur is R' Yehudah Ben Barzilai Albarceloni, who was a great Rav and author of Sefarim.[8]
  4. "Rabbeinu Yaakov" is a reference to Rabbeinu Tam.[9]


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