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Many questions can be answered by simply searching the articles on this site. However, if you didn’t find it or have a specific situation please feel free to ask your question.

For business related halachic questions, please visit or contact or call 877-845-8455.

For questions related to Shatnez (wool and linen) in clothing, please visit Boston Shatnez Laboratory or contact or call 617-782-2624.

For Kashrut related questions
please visit or contact Rabbi Moshe Dovid Lebovits at .
please visit or contact or call 212-613-8241.
please visit

For questions related to Lashon Hara, please visit The Chafetz Chaim Heritage Foundation or call 718-951-3696 (between 9pm-10pm EST).

For Brachot related questions, please visit or contact

For all other questions feel free to contact Halachipedia's new Ask the Rabbi service after reading our terms and conditions

  • This service is not meant to replace or substitute the need for consulting a competent Orthodox Rabbi. This service is meant to benefit people in locations that do not have access to a Rabbi. It is also meant to benefit those who have access to a Rabbi to achieve a better understanding of the halachic background so that they can properly present the question to the Rabbi.
  • We are taught many times “aseh lecha rav”-“make for yourself a teacher” (Avot 1:6) as a lesson to keep with us throughout over lives. It is important to establish a steady relationship with a knowledgeable and accessible Orthodox Rabbi to help address all halachic questions. Such a relationship can help one foster spiritual growth and maintain a proper halachic lifestyle.
  • For any halachic questions please email us at We will try to respond within 24 hours.
  • Please write in your question if you don’t mind your question being placed anonymously in our archive of questions and answers.
  • As a matter of policy, Halachipedia’s Ask the Rabbi service will not address questions that have to do with marital issues, family purity, or matters of conflict and friction. In such cases Halachipedia reserves the right not to answer. However, if seen necessary we hope to do our best in referring these questions to the closest relevant Rabbi.
  • Please note that as a matter of policy Halachipedia takes no responsibility, financial or other, for answers given through this service.
  • Lastly, Halachipedia is committed and dedicated to your privacy. Your name and email address will be not seen or shared with anyone other than Halachipedia.
  • Finally, we thank you for choosing and hope you have the maximum benefit and satisfaction from Halachipedia.