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The Prohibition of Cooking Meat with Almond Milk

  1. Some Poskim rule that it is forbidden to cook meat with almond milk because of Marit Ayin unless one places almonds next to it so that people realize it is almond milk. In the case of chicken, one need not place almonds next to the milk.[1]
  2. Other poskim rule that one would need to place the almonds next to the milk as a symbol that it is almond milk for chicken as well.[2]


  1. Rema YD 87:3. Shach 97:6 explains the Rema to be referring to cooking.
  2. Shach 97:6 holds this based on the opinion of the Maharshal who says that there is a concern of marit ayin by cases of derabanan issurim as well from Bavli Shabbos 54 that one cannot bring an animal out on Shabbat with a stopped up bell because it looks like one is bringing it to market (even though doing business on shabbat is only assur midrabanan.