Al Hanissim on Chanukah

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Al Hanissim

  1. The passage of al hanissim and the addition special for chanuka are added to the birkat hamazon in the middle of birkat haaretz (between nodeh licha and vi'al hakol)and during the shemoneh esrei following the passage of modim for all eight days of chanuka. </ref> Shulchan Aruch 682:1
  2. Nothing is added into the beracha of meayn shalosh (al hamichya, al hagefen, or all haetz) for chanuka. [1]
  3. If one forgot in either birkat hamazon or the shemoneh esrei and has reached the name of Hashem in the beracha then he shouldn't go back, but as long as he still has not begun the beracha that follows it, he should still go back. [2]
  4. If he forgot in Birkat Hamazon then in the section of Harachamans he should add

הרחמן יעשה לנו נסיס ונפלאות כשס שענית לאבותינו בימיס ההס בזמן הזה and then recite the biymei matityahu particular for chanuka. [3] and if it is Rosh Chodesh Tevet, then the harachaman for rosh chodesh should be recited first. [4]

  1. If he forgot in the shemoneh esrei he can still recite it before the second yihyu liratzon at the end of the shemoneh esrei. [5]


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