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  1. A boy younger than Bar Mitzvah doesn’t acquire with a קנין Chetzer or קנין of 4 Amot, however a girl under Bat Mitzvah does acquire with a קנין Chetzer or קנין of 4 Amot. [1]
  2. In a guarded courtyard, the owner acquires ownerless objects that come there even without intent of the owner. This is only true if the owner knew that the object was there or that it regularly comes there. [2]
  3. Standing next to an ownerless object within 4 Amot is an acquisition of the object. This is only true in the areas of sides of the public domain or in a public domain that is temporarily grants to individuals, however, in someone’s field or in the middle of public domain this acquisition is not effective. [3]


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