Preparing for Sukkot

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Preparation for Sukkot

  1. Many hold that thirty days before Sukkot one should start learning the halachot of Sukkot. [1] All agree that on the holiday itself one should learn the halachot of Sukkot. [2]
  2. This doesn't mean that a talmid chacham should stop this regular learning to learn halacha of the upcoming holiday, but rather it means that a question about hilchot pesach is given precedence to questions not about pesach.[3]


  1. In Gemara Pesachim 6a, Rabbanan hold that one should begin to learn Hilchot Pesach thirty days in advance of Pesach, whereas Rabban Shimon Ben Gamliel holds only 2 weeks. Rabbanan learn this idea from Moshe who taught the laws of Pesach Sheni thirty days in advance which was Pesach in Nissan. S"A 429:1 rules like the opinion of the Rabbanan. Mishna Brurah 429:1 writes that according to Rashi, Tosfot, and the Gra the same is true of other Yamim Tovim such as Sukkot, however, according to the Bet Yosef there is only a thirty day period in reference to Pesach.
  2. Gemara Megillah 32b states that one should learn the halachot of Sukkot on Sukkot. Mishna Brurah 429:1 quotes this as halacha.
  3. Chazon Ovadyah (Pesach pg 1) explains that the halacha in Gemara Pesachim 6a is relevant in regards to the laws established in Tosefta Sanhedrin 7:5 which state that a person should ask relevant questions and a relevant question has precedence over the irrelevant questions.